Do you want to be confident with your flash??
Join me on October 1st- Along side guest speaker Tara Graham & MUA Michelle Shaw

Come from 1-5pm on Sunday October 1st at the Velvet Studio in Ajax to learn Flash 101.
1pm-Arrive & Mingle 
1:15pm-Melanie will hand out notes for you to follow along and take home. We will begin with any questions here.
1:20pm-Melanie's Presentation on Flash begins  (scroll to the bottom to find out more on presentation)
2pm-Break for snacks, drinks and questions.
2:20pm-Tara's Presentation begins
2:50-Question Break
3:00pm- Melanie's 2nd Presentation on OCF & Creative ways to use. 
3:30pm- Makeup Chair is open
4-5pm- Creative branding portraits and flash practice 

What is Melanie going to teach you?
1st Presentation-
 We will be discussing the basics of your flash in manual mode.
Why you should be using manual and how to use your camera and flash together to create what you want.
Most importantly HOW to use manual mode on your flash and what it means.
We will be discussing which flashes she recommends and why. 
When to be use bounce flash or straight on flash.
How to use flash daily and fearless.
Best flash for dark lighting situations.
Please note this presentation is more directed to wedding and event photographers.
ALSO great for family and lifestyle photographers who shoot in clients home during dark winter months.

2nd Prestation-
What is OCF?
What to buy and how to use it.
How use it creativity.
How to use it for extra light during receptions and home.
How to incorporate it into your style.

What is Tara going to teach you?
Curate a killer portfolio that gets you booked.
Incorporating flash into your portfolio for natural light photographers. 

What is Michelle offering?
Michelle is a talented makeup artist who is joining us to make you all gorgeous for branding portraits.
Come with or without makeup for a touch or added makeup to feel beautiful for your new headshots.
You can use these portraits on your website to promote yourself and show your face to your audience.

Before-no ocf

After-with ocf

Can't wait to see you all there!
Don't forget your flash.